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Graphics, movement, colors, women, music, and oddities galore.
-My name's Janine-
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This is your Sunday evening reminder that you can handle whatever this week throws at you. - (via blissfvlcity)

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Salma 🙌
When natural bodies were sexy

Ka-boom Ka-boom
I want to lalalala love you

Let me just say that my life has completely flipped around, and that I couldn’t be happier. I have a job now, a completely different circle of friends, amazing classes, I’ve accomplished a lot this year as a graphic designer, and a newly lit love. My future is in good hands, and I wake up every morning with the best outlook on life that I have ever possibly had. Amo a mi vida loca.

Clothes tugged around,
Hanging off of me without a care.
Entwined and heated.
You are my muse.


"There are storms in this world that spark fire in your soul and storms that leave you in the dark." — a shell in a storm, Jenn Satsune
[to read ‘a shell in a storm,’ go here]

Michael Creese, Skull Fire (2014), oil on canvas.

Mondo di Nerd | Il toro di Picasso

—La oscura verdad de Mara Dyer Michelle Hodkin

"What do you feel most guilty about?""That guy I killed two years ago.""What happened?""He asked to take my picture."
<---DONT REMOVE---->